interEDGE Co-founder: Di Hu

Di Hu cofounder of interEDGE
Di Hu

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Di Hu, Principal Coach, Co-founder, and President, brings over a decade of experience as an intercultural trainer. She has led programs and worked with hundreds of individuals who strive to perform at their best in cross-cultural settings. Her use of experiential learning and reflective tools during the training process effectively support individuals to strive and yield the best outcome in an unfamiliar and challenging environment.

Di is a trained Co-Active(c) coach from the Coach Training Institute. She combines her cross-cultural training practice with coaching and focuses on career success and life fulfillment for international students and expatriate professionals.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in English education and a master’s degree in psycholinguistics, Di worked in China for five years as Country Manager of an American non-profit. When she graduated with her second master’s degree in International Development from American University, the recession still had its lingering effect and job market was tight. However, she succeeded in landing a job at the National Committee on US-China Relations where she was responsible for program design and delivery of Fulbright cultural exchange programs. More recently, as the Director of International Operations and Institutional Relations at Global Volunteers, she manages international service programs in nine countries and supports the training and management of over 500 individual volunteers annually.

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