interEDGE Conducted Impression Management Workshop at Teachers College, Columbia University

interEDGE Co-founder Di Hu Speaks to Chinese students on cross-cultural communication and career success

Future China Initiative (FCI)*, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) st Teachers College, Columbia University, invited interEDGE to conduct a workshop on networking in the American culture to international students from China.

Networking, one of the most important catalyst for career development, causes the most anxiety among international students. Networking requires a proficient and practical understanding of American culture, interpersonal communication skills, strategic planning and perseverance. Everyone knows they should network but few master the how.

The workshop, “Impression Management – How to Unlock Your Potential”, demystifies the concept of “networking” into four critical and actionable stages of confidence, connections, communication, and credibility. interEDGE co-founder, Di Hu, highlighted tips for success at each stage with examples from her personal journey as an international student, which led to landing her dream job three months before graduation.

Participants provided very positive feedback. Siyu, a second-year graduate student, commented “the workshop was very engaging and was a huge help to international students as they transit to U.S culture, the impression management coaching was definitely a fresh experiences for many of us who just arrived in this country with lots of uncertainty and struggling our way through many cultural shocks.”

Contact Di to host workshops for international students.

*Future China Initiative (FCI) is the Chinese Students and Scholars Association at Teachers College, Columbia University. Tracing its founding history in the 1920s by several well-known Chinese elite scholars, it continues to serve the growing Chinese students body at Teachers College.

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