Campus Collaboration to Better Serve International Students

interEDGE co-founders conduct international student success workshop at Vanderbilt

Like many other institutions, Vanderbilt University has experienced a steady international enrollment growth in recent years, mostly driven by students from Asia. In the fall of 2014, its total international enrollment reached over 1,500 with two-thirds from Asia and nearly the half pursuing their graduate studies. As the number expands, the needs for support and services increases.

The Center for Student Professional Development recently launched a broad initiative urging campus partners collaborate more to better support international students. As part of the initiative,  interEDGE co-founders, Di Hu and Rahul Choudaha, delivered the training on “Maximizing International Student Success”, with following learning objectives:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of international student enrollment trends
  • Examine and apply frameworks of international student diversity
  • Learn cross-cultural techniques to engage international students
  • Support creation of an inclusive campus climate for international students

Over 30 staff from various departments attended the workshop. In addition to the Center for Student Professional Success, participating departments include the Office of International Student and Scholars Services, Student Affairs, English Language Center, International Recruiting and Relations, Alumni and Student Engagement and Active Citizenship and Service. The workshop not only helped staff develop a deeper understanding of diversity and complexity of international students’ needs and aspirations but also created synergy and collaboration across the campus to serve this unique group.

Contact Di ( to host workshops for campus partners on international student success. Click here to learn more about the workshop.

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