DeVry partners with interEDGE to Support International Students through Online Training

interEDGE partners with DeVry to offer career success workshop to international students

interEDGE will provide online live workshop series “OPTmizing Your Career Success with Cross-Cultural Skills” for DeVry international students on multiple campuses in the United States. In addition, monthly curated newsletters will be delivered to students to facilitate continued learning and inform internship opportunities. 

In 2014/15, DeVry enrolled more than 1,400 international students spread over its 16 campuses (IIE Open Doors). Through this partnership with interEDGE, DeVry will be able to offer specialized training to its international students.

International students often struggle with networking and communicating to potential employers the unique value they bring. They tend to underestimate the importance of cross-cultural skills needed to maximize their success.

The workshops, open exclusively to international students at DeVry, help students to develop a better awareness of American cultural essentials in the professional context and the funnel effect of one’s own cultural assumptions, and build intercultural competence that will give them a career edge.

This online training will provide an actionable framework of searching and converting internship and job opportunities through optional practical training (OPT) in the US. These practical tips will help international students sharpen their cross-cultural competencies and develop and implement a successful career plan.

DeVry’s proactive and forward-looking approach aligns with its long-standing efforts in leveraging technology for supporting student experiences and learning. A recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, “Same Time, Many Locations: Online Education Goes Back to Its Origins”, recognized DeVry’s strategy with synchronous learning and noted that “…decades after colleges began embracing courses that students could take at whatever schedule best fit them, the pendulum seems to have begun swinging back toward distance education in real time.”

interEDGE is pleased to work with DeVry in reaping the benefits of flexibility and accessibility of technology in supporting international students and helping them maximize the career outcomes on strong foundations of cross-cultural skills.

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