interEDGE: Sharpening Global Talent

The mission of interEDGE is to help international students succeed in achieving their educational and career ambitions. We provide online resources in the form of curated news, research, trends, and advice to support international student success.

interEDGE is born out of a combination of an unmet need and passion of two former international students, Di Hu, from China, and Rahul Choudaha, from India. With interEDGE, Di and Rahul, want to pay forward and help many more international students succeed.

Di Hu, Co-founder

Di Hu brings over a decade of experience as an intercultural trainer. She has led programs and worked with hundreds of individuals who strive to perform at their best in cross-cultural settings. Di is a trained Co-Active(c) coach from the Coach Training Institute. Di holds a master’s degree in International Development from American University.

Dr. Rahul Choudaha, Co-founder

Dr. Rahul Choudaha brings over a decade of experience as an international educator. He is a regular contributor to Asia Times, Forbes, Huffington Post and University World News. He has presented over 100 sessions at professional conferences and has been quoted in global media including the BBC, Time, NPR and The Wall Street Journal. Choudaha a doctorate in higher education from University of Denver.