12 Strategies for Building a Capacity for International Graduate Student Career Success

Growing or sustaining international student enrollment requires enhancing the student experience and supporting their success, according to the recent article titled “12 Strategies for Building a Capacity for International Graduate Student Career Success.” The article co-authored by Rahul Choudaha and Di Hu was published in the Spring 2017 issue of NAGAP Perspectives.

How Studying in the US affects Chinese Students’ Leadership Style?

A qualitative research completed by M. Martinez provides a rare view of the post-graduation life of former international students from mainland China. The study describes how Chinese students who completed a graduate degree in the United States utilize the leadership skills they developed while in the United States.

Four Cross-cultural Email Tips for International Students

Email and message are our primary means of communication in the professional context and beyond. International students need to recognize the importance of professionalism and cultural adaptation in our virtual communication. Here are four cross-cultural email tips.

How international students prepare for an appointment with a career coach

How to Prepare for an Appointment with a Career Coach

A successful career coaching session requires efforts from both sides, the coach and the coachee. As a coachee, doing some work beforehand can double the value you get out of a coaching session. You need to prepare for it to tap into their expertise in career development. Hear the advice from a successful career coaching session an experienced career coach.