interEDGE Co-founder Dr. Rahul Choudaha Speaks to international students at NYU

interEDGE Supports Graduating Class with OPT Success

interEDGE co-founders were invited by Wasserman Career Center of New York University to conduct the workshops on “Optimize Your Options with Cross-cultural Skills” for international students at NYU. The first workshop focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) majors and the other on non-STEM majors.

interEDGE co-founders conduct international student success workshop at Vanderbilt

Campus Collaboration to Better Serve International Students

The Center for Student Professional Development recently launched a broad initiative urging campus partners collaborate more to better support international students. As part of the initiative, interEDGE co-founders, Di Hu and Rahul Choudaha, delivered the training on “Maximizing International Student Success”, with several learning objectives.