12 Strategies for Building a Capacity for International Graduate Student Career Success

Growing or sustaining international student enrollment requires enhancing the student experience and supporting their success, according to the recent article titled “12 Strategies for Building a Capacity for International Graduate Student Career Success.” The article co-authored by Rahul Choudaha and Di Hu was published in the Spring 2017 issue of NAGAP Perspectives.

How to Develop an Intercultural Competence Program for International Students

How to Develop an Intercultural Competence Program for International Students

An article by the Society for Human and Resource Management (SHRM) discusses how companies can create effective cross-cultural communication training programs. It also offers a few suggestions that shed light on how to develop an intercultural competence program for international students at colleges and universities.

interEDGE-3 suggestions on international student career coulseling

Three Suggestions on International Students Career Counseling

A research titled “Factors Influencing International Students’ Career Choice: A Comparative Study”, published by Professors Singaravelu, White and Bringaze of the University of Missouri-Columbia, examines the career development behavior of Asian and non-Asian international students as well as domestic students. Based on the results, the authors make three suggestions on international student career counseling.

A career development profile for first-year international students

A Career Development Profile for First-Year International Students

The research “A Career Development Profile of First Year International Students within the United States” by Professors Duffy and Lucas of the University of Maryland provides a general view of career decision status and work values of first-year international students in comparison with American students. The authors recommended a few techniques for career counseling to international students.

International Student Career Success Session NAFSA

Discuss International Student Career Success at NAFSA Region X

In the last five years, the number of international students in the American institutions has increased by 40 percent to reach one million. Career opportunities are one of the determining factors in student’s decisions to study abroad. Many institutions encounter challenges in effectively supporting international student career success. Di Hu, Co-founder of interEDGE, chaired a session at NAFSA Region X in which she discussed causes of the challenges and invited two seasoned career services directors to share best practices.

interEDGE Co-founder Dr. Rahul Choudaha Speaks to international students at NYU

interEDGE Supports Graduating Class with OPT Success

interEDGE co-founders were invited by Wasserman Career Center of New York University to conduct the workshops on “Optimize Your Options with Cross-cultural Skills” for international students at NYU. The first workshop focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) majors and the other on non-STEM majors.

interEDGE co-founders conduct international student success workshop at Vanderbilt

Campus Collaboration to Better Serve International Students

The Center for Student Professional Development recently launched a broad initiative urging campus partners collaborate more to better support international students. As part of the initiative, interEDGE co-founders, Di Hu and Rahul Choudaha, delivered the training on “Maximizing International Student Success”, with several learning objectives.

Will New STEM OPT Extension Rule Create a Win-Win Solution?

The new OPT Extension rule will make America more attractive to global talent. International students will be able to gain more experience and recover part of their investment before returning to home country or planning to stay. Employers will benefit in terms of finding technical skills and adding diversity on their teams without worrying about visa sponsorship.

Funnel Effect for Job Success

Breaking the “Funnel Effect” in International Student Job Search

Given the constraints of limited career support, the outcome is that career options for many international students are pigeon-holed as typical IT, quantitative or research roles. It takes planning and effort to break the “funnel effect” in your job search and align it to your career path.

Panel discussion on Diversity and Global Issues in the Workplace

Dr. Rahul Choudaha, Principal Coach of interEDGE.org joined an expert panel on”Diversity and Global Issues in the Workplace” at Stony Brook University. He highlighted the challenges faced by international students in transitioning from education to employment. The cross-cultural gaps regarding communication and confidence impede the potential of global talent.

Cross-cultural barriers for career success of international students

Research suggests that international students struggle to adapt to cultural norms and expectations in the United States job market. In terms of career development practices, group coaching for international students could be effective in reflecting and building on mutual experiences.

Disrupting your career pathways

International students seeking jobs in the US may find inspiration in four principles of disrupting career offered by Whitney Johnson, author of Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work.

International students face career challenges

Number of international students coming to the US has been increasing while the number of H1-B work visas has remained stagnant. For international students, the challenge of finding career pathways from OPT (Optional Practical Training) to work visa are increasing and competition is intensifying.