The mission and approach of interEDGE

The mission of interEDGE is to help international students and professional achieve their educational and career ambitions. Only one out of three international students was successful in receiving an H1-B work visa. At the same time, two out of three students who did not succeed in getting a job in the US have to adapt and find alternative career paths. interEDGE training and coaching services help international students to improve their chances of success in the US and beyond by leveraging a model of 3C’s–confidence, communication, and connections.

interEDGE Co-founder: Dr. Rahul Choudaha

Dr. Rahul Choudaha, Principal Coach, Co-founder, and CEO, brings over a decade of experience as an international educator. He researches, speaks, writes, and consults on international student trends. He was also the principal investigator of the NAFSA’s national research report on improving international student experiences.

interEDGE Co-founder: Di Hu

Di Hu, Principal Coach, Co-founder, and President, brings over a decade of experience as an intercultural trainer. She is a trained coach from the Coach Training Institute. She combines her cross-cultural training skills and coaching techniques to help international students and professionals achieve career success.