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Questions & Answers: OPT Success

interEDGE curates Q&A to address questions from international students about job search, networking, American hiring practice and workplace culture. The following questions are from participants of our recent webinar.

Three Simple Steps of Networking

Networking stands on the top of the priority list for many international students. Its importance is evident from conversations with professors, career advice from career counselors and the alumni panels on campus. Many come to interEDGE, not with the question “should I spend time in networking or not?” but “how can I build my network?” Here are three simple steps of networking.

International Student Career Success Session NAFSA

Discuss International Student Career Success at NAFSA Region X

In the last five years, the number of international students in the American institutions has increased by 40 percent to reach one million. Career opportunities are one of the determining factors in student’s decisions to study abroad. Many institutions encounter challenges in effectively supporting international student career success. Di Hu, Co-founder of interEDGE, chaired a session at NAFSA Region X in which she discussed causes of the challenges and invited two seasoned career services directors to share best practices.

What your heart can do to shape your international student experience

6 Things Your Heart Can Do to Shape Your International Student Experience

Doubtlessly, you have a long list of doings that are important to you that could include studying hard, trying to make new friends, managing expenses, building a good relationship with professors, etc. We want to remind you of six things your heart can do that will have a profound and lasting impact on your journey as an international student.

6 Things to Do for a Career-Driven Summer

There аrе thousands of international ѕtudеntѕ with the ѕаmе gоаl as you: ѕсоrіng a grеаt jоb upon graduation. This summer may make a difference in your career success. I encourage you to tаkе tіmе during the next couple of months tо build уоur professional nеtwоrk, devote to a vоluntееr cause, create your own project, and attend a workshop. You never know where you may land from these experiences.

interEDGE Co-founder Dr. Rahul Choudaha Speaks to international students at NYU

interEDGE Supports Graduating Class with OPT Success

interEDGE co-founders were invited by Wasserman Career Center of New York University to conduct the workshops on “Optimize Your Options with Cross-cultural Skills” for international students at NYU. The first workshop focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) majors and the other on non-STEM majors.

interEDGE co-founders conduct international student success workshop at Vanderbilt

Campus Collaboration to Better Serve International Students

The Center for Student Professional Development recently launched a broad initiative urging campus partners collaborate more to better support international students. As part of the initiative, interEDGE co-founders, Di Hu and Rahul Choudaha, delivered the training on “Maximizing International Student Success”, with several learning objectives.

Navigate the Cross-cultural Map: Feedback

The ways people provide feedback differ in various cultures. Two simple and spot-on tips can help you accurately understand the feedback from your American manager and successfully solicit the constructive criticism.

Dr. Robin Fontana conducts research on Chinese students in the US

Research: Social Barriers Faced by Female Chinese International Students

The number of international students studying in American private high schools has skyrocketed over the past decade. Among these are Chinese females, a vulnerable population under-represented in the literature. This qualitative study looked at the social barriers these students face when transitioning into private American high schools and considered how such schools can better support them.

Will New STEM OPT Extension Rule Create a Win-Win Solution?

The new OPT Extension rule will make America more attractive to global talent. International students will be able to gain more experience and recover part of their investment before returning to home country or planning to stay. Employers will benefit in terms of finding technical skills and adding diversity on their teams without worrying about visa sponsorship.

interEDGE offers OPT success training to international students

Join “Succeed with OPT” Exclusive Webinar

Register for an exclusive webinar on April 2nd or 7th with a special offer of 40% discount code (OPT2016). Discount code expires on at 6:00PM EDT on Wednesday, March 16th. .EDU email address is required for registration.

What do Kung Fu Panda 3 and Stanford Research have in Common?

International students must develop the mindset for success. The article introduces a few tips: remind yourself of your past achievements; reflect on your mistakes; watch out your saboteur voices; break your vision into small actionable steps; celebrate your small milestones; and hire a coach.

Funnel Effect for Job Success

Breaking the “Funnel Effect” in International Student Job Search

Given the constraints of limited career support, the outcome is that career options for many international students are pigeon-holed as typical IT, quantitative or research roles. It takes planning and effort to break the “funnel effect” in your job search and align it to your career path.

Research on Career Concerns of Chinese Business Students in the US

Research from Professor Xin Liu of University of San Diego indicates “a considerable consensus that social relationship has a significant impact on the job search of the participants who plan to return home. On the other hand, the participants who plan to stay in the U.S. are more concerned with cultural barriers. The results further indicate that career certainty and personal growth are also major concerns of the participants.”

Panel discussion on Diversity and Global Issues in the Workplace

Dr. Rahul Choudaha, Principal Coach of joined an expert panel on”Diversity and Global Issues in the Workplace” at Stony Brook University. He highlighted the challenges faced by international students in transitioning from education to employment. The cross-cultural gaps regarding communication and confidence impede the potential of global talent.

STEM OPT Extension: Pros and cons for international students

International students searching for experiential training, job and internship opportunities in the US face several hardships. The recent uncertainty on OPT-Optional Practical Training STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) extension can jeopardize the career plans of many international students.

The mission and approach of interEDGE

The mission of interEDGE is to help international students and professional achieve their educational and career ambitions. Only one out of three international students was successful in receiving an H1-B work visa. At the same time, two out of three students who did not succeed in getting a job in the US have to adapt and find alternative career paths. interEDGE training and coaching services help international students to improve their chances of success in the US and beyond by leveraging a model of 3C’s–confidence, communication, and connections.