Four Cross-cultural Email Tips for International Students

Email and message are our primary means of communication in the professional context and beyond. International students need to recognize the importance of professionalism and cultural adaptation in our virtual communication. Here are four cross-cultural email tips.

How to Develop an Intercultural Competence Program for International Students

How to Develop an Intercultural Competence Program for International Students

An article by the Society for Human and Resource Management (SHRM) discusses how companies can create effective cross-cultural communication training programs. It also offers a few suggestions that shed light on how to develop an intercultural competence program for international students at colleges and universities.

How international students prepare for an appointment with a career coach

How to Prepare for an Appointment with a Career Coach

A successful career coaching session requires efforts from both sides, the coach and the coachee. As a coachee, doing some work beforehand can double the value you get out of a coaching session. You need to prepare for it to tap into their expertise in career development. Hear the advice from a successful career coaching session an experienced career coach.